Flat Screen TV Stands Furniture

Flat screen TVs are all the rage and the new design feature in everything from hotel rooms to mansions. They are attractive, sleek, and offer excellent picture quality. Finding flat screen TV stand furniture that complements and enhances your television, as well as the surrounding room, can be a considerable challenge. Many like the look of mounting their television but not everyone is thrilled with the idea. A lack of media and electronics storage becomes an issue as well as the actual decor benefit a flat screen stand presents. Fortunately there are a plethora of options to choose from including everything from Beautiful wood TV armoires to metal, aluminum and glass stands.


One of the simplest methods of determining the appropriate stand for your flat screen TV is to consider buying the television and stand together as a package deal. With this foresight, buyers are frequently able to save time, energy, and money, while being guaranteed a stand that works with the TV in question. If you have already purchased a television and are just now looking for a stand however, there exist hundreds of TV stands for flat screen TVs to choose from on today’s market.

Measure the area available for the TV stand and if you have the television already then you will know what size you need. Visit your local electronics store or home furnishings retailer to look at their inventory. This will give you an idea of what you like and what you don’t. Then if you find something you like you can buy it, if not go get online and look at the mass amount of options available at internet stores.


Pick the material you want to use for your television stand. There are three main types which include wood, metal and glass stands. Wood flat screen TV stands have the elegant classic look while metal and glass offer a more contemporary feel. All of the above can make your entertainment viewing much more pleasurable as well as add some flare to your home.


Be sure to match your flat panel stand with its television. To do this you need to look at the TV stand and make sure it is equipped to handle your size television. All stands have their allowable weights and sizes printed on their label or contents. If you are unsure simply ask a sales associate.


Media storage has to be a factor with any television stand. There has to be sufficient storage for Blu ray and DVDs. Some flat screen stands offer more storage than others. For instance some stands only hold the TV and its main components. Others will hold all of your gaming equipment, DVD’s, satellite boxes, CD music and hide all of your components wiring. Most will have room for other nuances such as pictures, candles or any other decor you want to display.


Depending on where you purchase will mean the difference between assembly and a simple install. If you purchase online chances are you will have to put it together. Look to find a stand that requires very little assembly. Other TV stands such as solid wood stands can come already put together. If you are purchasing locally then ask to have it delivered and see if there is a delivery fee. NOTE: (ask that it be including in the purchase price).


Bush Furniture – Bush TV stands are a symbol of the Bush furniture line of trusted quality, innovative design and long lasting furniture pieces. Bush has been in business for over fifty years and continues to redefine the market. Bush flat screen TV stands can be made from handcrafted wood, steel or glass and are made to accommodate all the latest technology and gaming equipment. You can find a Bush retailer just about anywhere in the United States.

TechCraft – TechCraft has a goal that reads “we want to meet the needs and solutions for today’s hi-tech audio and video components.” They have been successful at providing TV furniture that makes organizing hardware, wiring and software simple. TechCraft was founded in 1974 but it wasn’t until a decade ago that they started manufacturing their own furniture. Now they produce everything from wood to glass flat panel TV stands in various colors and finishes. They also have a “no tools required” line of television furniture that can be put together without tools in a matter of minutes.

Bell’O – Started in 1988 Bell’O has been an industry leader in home theater furniture with a flare for contemporary Italian design. Along with flat panel TV wall mounting kits they specialize in flat screen TV stands furniture.

BDI– BDI TV stands are one of a kind works of art. Their price tags are not cheap but you will see why when you display the quality and craftsmanship that makes BDI furniture seamless and innovative. Home theater furniture is where family and friends get together the most so BDI has decided this is where high end TV furniture should take over.


When purchasing shabby chic TV stand for your home entertainment area, there are several factors to consider. Contemporary stands are a good choice for a home with modern furnishings. They tend to be minimalist in design, and are usually made from industrial materials such as glass or metal.


For a more traditional look, consider the many options of wooden flat screen TV stands available for purchase. In addition to design considerations, determine what the maple or oak TV stands for flat screen functionality is going to be within the home. For more traditional entertainment system set ups, you may choose a stand with built-in shelves of cupboards to house a DVD player, a gaming console, or your media collection.


Don’t forget to take into account the weight and dimensions of your television. Ensure that you select a stand that will support its size and weight. Discover the difference that flat screen TV stands make in the general atmosphere and décor of your television room, and experience the pleasure of an enhanced entertainment setup. So to pick the right When the right combination of television and stand is found however, it will inevitably improve the functionality and appeal of the TV viewing area.

For more versatility in viewing options, consider swivel flat screen TV stands in order to accommodate sight lines from several areas of the room.