TV Mounts vs TV Stands

TV mounts and TV stands are a popular topic for most home owners. Do i want to mount my flat panel television on the wall in my living room or do i want to put it on a nice decorative stand. The fact of the matter is both are great ways to enjoy your weekend full of sports but the real question is can you mount your TV on the wall or does it need to go on a TV stand.

I personally love my TV mounted on the wall but I don’t like the TV mounts that push the TV out too far away from the wall and make it look like it doesn’t belong. I would rather have my plasma television as flush with the wall as possible so that it looks like it belongs there and flows like a painting i just hung for decoration.

When looking for name brands, makers like Luxor and Premier have cornered the market with a variety of mount styles to suit your LCD or plasma TV. Luxor makes a universal flat screen flush mount that is sure to make your TV look like it belongs above your fireplace or mantle. They also make a universal LCD and plasma flat wall mount that is not quite as flush but much more durable for larger screen TV’s. When you get into the 50 inch plus range you have to make sure the TV mount will handle the TV size and weight. Premier and  Luxor also make tilt wall mounts to accommodate most any size flat screen television that allow you to angle the TV downward if you are mounting up high. Wall arm mounts are also another design that will allow for the TV to be rotated 90 degrees to show whatever side of the room you desire.

Several companies make ceiling mounts as well to hold your plasma TV or your projector television if you so desire. Ceiling mounts are great for the bedroom because they allow you to literally watch TV while you lay in bed, a nice little perk. Whether its lying in bed or sitting on the couch or Lazyboy in the living room watching your favorite sports and entertainment rest assured that a TV mounts are an excellent way to go.

The decision between TV stands or TV mounts is purely personal preference. The downside to a TV mount is you have no storage room to house your media collection as well as hiding your wiring. However wiring can sometimes be hidden inside the wall behind your flat panel television as long as its not mounted in front of a fireplace.  TV stands provide a benefit in that regard because they allow for storage and also allow wiring to be hidden so there is no clutter.